Bring your own flashlight!
260 Kč

Bring your own flashlight! This excursion is in the dark...

•The excursion lasts roughly 40-60 minutes as the visitors wish.

•This is not a visit to the exhibits we are preparing, but to see the technical equipment and facilities of the atomic shelter 10-Z.

•The excursion is led by experts striving to adjust its content to the interests of a small group of visitors.

•Price: CZK 240 / person

•The year-round temperature of 10-Z is 14 C° – so you will be able to borrow a period army field jacket to keep you warm.

•Excursions are not possible for more than nine people at a time, because the labyrinth of narrow corridors makes moving around the entire shelter in larger groups impossible. If there is a larger group of persons interested in the excursion, we recommend dividing themselves into multiple groups.

Unless otherwise agreed, the tour is in Czech language only. We will provide foreigners with a map and a brief description of the cover story in English. We can offer a foreign language guide (English, Russian, German, Polish, Hungarian) only upon prior arrangement (minimum 2 people). Guided tours in a foreign language can be ordered at or directly in the 10-Z Shelter.

21. 11. 2020 19:00
NUCLEAR SHELTER 10-Z Husova street

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This is Brno Information Centre

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