Seat on Grandstand T4 and a 3-day refreshment + parking + Paddock visit during weekend.
8 490 Kč
345 EUR

T4 ULTRA - Not only allocated seat on Grandstand T4 and a 3-day refreshment, but also parking close to T4 and visit to a Paddock during weekend.

Includes: allocated seat at the Grandstand T4, access to all viewing banks B, C, D, E, F, G, access to the tent with refreshment located next to Grandstand, parking in the T4 zone and an opportunity to visit Paddock for a limited time.

Get an ultra experience without compromise. With the T4 ULTRA ticket you have not only your own seat on the T4 Grandstand, access to all viewing banks B,C,D,E,F,G and to a tent with refreshments, but also the opportunity to park near the T4 stand. . Whenever you feel hungry, thirsty, or just craving for a coffee or beer, there is nothing easier than to take few steps to tent with refreshment. In addition, you can borrow a paddock pass at the hostesses in the tent, which will allow you to visit Paddock for a limited time. Forget about any worries and just enjoy.

Before purchasing larger number of tickets with a claim for a quantity price (discount), you need to send the application to the following e-mail address: herinkova@ticbrno.cz Quantity discount applies to orders with 50 and more tickets. 

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This is Brno Information Centre

This is Brno Information Centre

Panenská 1,
658 78 Brno

Opening hours on holidays:
23. 12. 9:00 – 17:00
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Opening time:
daily 9:00 - 18:00

+420 513 039 035
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The head of the Advance ticket sale:
Mgr. Martina Michálková
tel.: +420 513 039 036
e-mail: michalkova@ticbrno.cz