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The Crystal Hall of the Old City Hall will resound at its extraordinary concert by the prestigious Austrian ensemble Ars Antiqua Austria and bring the atmosphere of concerts in the salons of the Vienna palaces to the audience. Haydn's contemporary, a Viennese native with Czech roots, Karl Kohaut, became famous here in the highest society for his virtuoso baroque lute play. His hitherto hidden musical mastery in other spheres will reveal a concert program composed of sinfonias for strings, which he composed in the 1850s. In a chamber cast, as this music was performed in the environment of salons or church choirs, a modern premiere will feature a selection of works uniquely preserved in the collections of the Moravian Library. The upcoming modern edition of these compositions will also be presented at the concert. The concert was created in cooperation of the Moravian Library with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague.

24. 11. 2019 17:00
Křišťálový sál Staré radnice

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