Brno and Its Churches

Akce již proběhla
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For many years Brno has been a cultural mosaic, where all kinds of nationalities and religious beliefs rub shoulders.

Brno a jeho chrámy

In and just around the town centre we can find churches belonging to the Orthodox, Protestant and Roman Catholic creeds, as well as a Jewish synagogue. Besides the cathedral, basilica, churches and temples, smaller churches and chapels also provide places of worship. Our project Brno and its Churches invites you to discover more about all these sites.

From 15 June to 15 September, Tuesday to Saturday, selected churches in the centre of Brno will be opening their doors. Normally closed to the public, these churches can be visited independently, or accompanied by the guide who you will meet inside. In each of these sacred sites you can pick up a copy of Brno and its Churches, which introduces readers to 16 diverse sacred buildings in Brno.


Opening times of churches with guides:

  • CHURCH OF SAINT MICHAEL, Dominikánské náměstí - Tue-Sat, 2-6 pm
  • CHURCH OF JAN AMOS COMENIUS, Komenského náměstí - Tue-Sat, 2-6 pm
  • BASILICA OF THE ASSUMPTION OF OUR LADY IN OLD BRNO, Mendlovo náměstí - Tue-Sat, 1:30-5:30 pm
  • CHURCH OF ST. THOMAS, Moravské náměstí - Tue-Sat, 1:30-5:30 pm

Besides visiting churches during regular opening hours, it is also possible to participate on specially organized guided tours, or attend lectures on Brno’s churches and associated eminent figures. Lectures and tours will be conducted in Czech.



Církevní turistika

Guided tours are in Czech, guides provide a printed brochure in Czech, English, German or Polish. Guided tours are free, guides are waiting at the entrance to the church.


Kostel Nalezení svatého Kříže
Kostel sv. Michala
Katedrála s. Petra a Pavla
Kostel sv. Jakuba

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