Swedish Siege of Brno 1645

28. 5. 2016
city centre
120 Kč

City Tours – The siege of Brno by the Swedish army in 1645, one of the most famous events in the history of the city, belongs to the last stage of the Thirty Years‘ War (1635-1648). This first all-European war (and at the same time last religion war) started with the uprising of Czech non-Catholic nobility against Catholic Habsburg dynasty, and spread across Moravia and Silesia to other parts of Europe.

Swedish Siege of Brno 1645

This victory was an unprecedented deed – and the name Brno was soon famous all around the Europe. The reputation of „invincible“ Swedish army and its commander-in-chief was gone. The courage, bravery, and concordance of Brno’s citizens, regardless their age, social or national differences – in such a great scale – were that time quite unique and fascinates us even today.

The tour includes: Šilinger Square – Petrov -  Freedom Square (Náměstí Svobody) - Schrattenbach Palace - Jesuit Church - St. James’s Church  - St. Thomas’s Church

Meeting point: Courtyard of the Old Town Hall, Radnická 8

120 CZK per 1 person

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