Festivals organized or co-organized by TIC Brno
Dark Blue Festival


Founded 25 years ago, the Dark Blue Festival is an international music festival for visually impaired children and youth.

12. 5. 2016 to 15. 5. 2016
Sál B. Bakaly


Babylonfest is a festival and meeting of minorities living in Brno. It includes presentations of associations, ensembles, individuals, individual minority groups and a variety of events.

13. 9. 2016 to 17. 9. 2016
Moravské náměstí před kostelem sv. Tomáše
Brno16 – International festival of short films


“Sixteen” in film-making slang means film format that is 16 mm wide. It is a versatile cinematographic format broadly used in both professional film and television, but especially amateur cinematography.

12. 10. 2016 to 15. 10. 2016
Kino Art