Information Centres

You will find the new THIS IS BRNO information centre on the ground floor of the Domini parking house in Panenská Street next to the entrance to the Mint Master’s Cellar.

Having arrived in Brno, you should first head to the tourist and information centre at Radnická street for all the information you may need about the City of Brno.

At the information counter in front of the Main Railway Station, you can get tips on leisure-time activities as well as materials published by the Tourist Information Centre of Brno, such as their magazine, KAM v Brně (Where to in Brno), which is packed with information.

If you’re just arriving in Brno, it’s a good idea to stop by the TIC BRNO information centre after you’ve picked up your luggage and before heading for the exit.

In early June, the Brno City Tourist Information Centre opened an information booth which is located right in front of the entrance to the dock area at the Brno Lake and people can stop by on their way to the dam or farther in that direction.

Brno and surroundings guides


The Brno Architecture Manual (BAM) is available as a freely accessible database, trail markings, printed maps and guides providing those interested in architecture with detailed information about Brno development dating from 1918-1945...

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