Alfons Mucha: Two worlds

3. 7. – 31. 12. 2018
Brno exhibittion grounds
250 Kč
200 Kč – děti 6 - 15 let, studenti do 26 let, senioři 65+, ZTP a ZTP/P

World-famous canvases by Alfons Mucha to be exhibited together with a collection of his posters. The Slav Epic (Slovanská epopej) in Brno will be a truly unique event on a global level. It will combine two opposing worlds of renowned Art Nouveau artist Alfons Mucha’s works – the majestic Slav Epic and a unique collection of posters.

Alfons Mucha: Dva světy – Slovanská epopej

As host to this exhibition, Brno will become the very first place to show the interconnection created by this great Czech artist. The exhibition features nine of the largest canvases from the Slav Epic cycle and will be complemented by the largest collection of Mucha’s posters, together forming an absolutely unique, unparalleled event.

The nine canvases, most of them 8×6 metres, will be located in the main nave of Pavilion H. The collection of Richard Fuxa, with almost two hundred artefacts, including posters, decorative panels, calendars, as well as advertisements for drinks, industrial products, and various social and cultural events, will be located under the pavilions galleries. The collection has grown substantially since it was first exhibited in Prague’s Obecní dům in 2013. As a result, visitors will have an opportunity to see a number of artworks that have never been exhibited before.

This unique combination of Mucha’s work was made possible by a cooperation of the Capital of Prague as the owner of the Slav Epic cycle, the statutory city of Brno, Brno Exhibition Grounds, and the Richard Fuxa Foundation, which administers the collection of posters.



Download the Admission Rules. (.pdf)



children aged 6 - 15, students,
ZTP and ZTP/P pass holders, seniors 65+

2 adults and 1-4 children

schools, guided trips,
min. 10 people

Vstupenky lze zakoupit v informačních centrech:
TO JE BRNO, Panenská 1 ● POD KROKODÝLEM, Radnická 8 ● nebo přímo na Výstavišti Brno v pavilonu H.
S kartou BRNOPAS lze vstupenky zakoupit pouze v těchto předprodejích, slevu nelze uplatnit při nákupu na internetu.

Exhibition hours:

Tue - Sun 10 am – 6 pm
Tours start on the hour and last 60 minutes.


Audio guide:

Audio guides have been prepared to help you discover the two worlds of Alfons Mucha. They are available in three language versions – Czech, English and German. If you have left your headphones at home, you can pick up a pair right at the exhibition for a minimal price..


Brno exhibition grounds:

Pavilon H
Výstaviště 1
603 00


MHD – mass transit:

You can enter the exhibition by the Congress Centre of the Exhibition Centre, which can be reached by a no.1 tram or by trolleybus 25 or 26 (get off at the stop Výstaviště-hlavní vstup).



We recommend using the parking areas in the open space next to main entrance of the Exhibition Centre.

Více informací najdet na oficiálním webu pořadatele výstavy, jejíž vstupenky předprodáváme.

Instalace výstavy Slovanská epopej Alfonse Muchy
Instalace výstavy Slovanská epopej Alfonse Muchy
Instalace výstavy Slovanská epopej Alfonse Muchy
Instalace výstavy Slovanská epopej Alfonse Muchy

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This is Brno Information Centre

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