Uprostřed Festival 2018

Akce již proběhla
city centre
Free admission

2nd Annual UPROSTŘED Festival will enliven the streets, squares and forgotten corners of the Brno center for the following months once again.

A programme full of wide selection of music productions, workshops, theatre performances, ballrooms, sport and multimedia events and many others await you!

However, the UPROSTŘED Festival is not just about the culture, it is mostly about meeting and connecting different people, regardless of age or taste in culture. The same also applies to its programme; for this purpose, several cultural operators from Brno clubs, unions or civic associations were addressed. As a result, a unique co-production on the production and dramaturgic level is created, thanks to which you can expect a great “cocktail” full of activities and bands you would not even know were it not for our festival.

Our festival is for those who need to blow off some steam after work, it is open and accessible to all, and for free in various locations of the Brno-City District (Městská část Brno-střed).

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Festival Uprostřed
Festival Uprostřed
Festival Uprostřed
Festival Uprostřed

Uprostřed Festival

Festival uprostřed

David Butula
Project Leader / Literary Manager

+420 736 531 654

Bára Kocmánková
PR, media

+420 777 198 400

+420 777 198 400