TIC BRNO is a city-run entity. Our activities can be divided into three categories: operations, cultural events and marketing and tourism.

TIC BRNO is a self-confident institution that coordinates the cultural scene in the City of Brno. It offers partnership and resources to other organisers. Its mission is to promote Brno as an attractive tourist destination. It follows the strategy promulgated in the Tourism development programme for 2016–2020. The City of Brno is particularly attractive to the so-called “empty nesters”, as well as students and young adults. Its unique atmosphere appeals to other target groups, such as intellectuals, enlightened public, singles, urban tourists and expats.

TIC BRNO organises cultural and social events which increase the attractiveness of the public sphere, thereby promoting Brno as a “live city”. We publish a cultural bulletin “KAM v Brně”; we run a tourist portal for the city of Brno (www.gotobrno.cz) and operate the last city-run movie theatre in Brno (Kino Art), a well-established art gallery or the Brno Film Office, the latter being the main point of contact for filmmakers seeking potential filming locations in Brno or South Moravia.

In 2018, TIC BRNO shall aim to present “the best of Brno” in a modern manner and to improve the portfolio of services to tourists. The city does not want to be a mass tourism destination. Instead, it shall focus on authenticity and particular qualities that appeal to the aforementioned target groups, in terms of authentic experience, unique design and art, excellent cuisine and entertainment, as these groups can truly appreciate the style and atmosphere of the city.

We shall promote the City of Brno as a dynamic and “forever young” city with booming culture and unique architecture, and with an attractive city centre which sees constant, and sometimes surprising, development, and as a city that serves as the gateway to the entire region of South Moravia.

TIC BRNO promotes and develops partnerships with cultural and educational institutions and professional organisations, such as Czech Tourism or the Tourist Authority for South Moravia or the Association of Tour Guides of the Czech Republic. We also closely cooperate with individual boroughs of the City of Brno, with the South Moravian Regional Authority and representatives of state administration and self-governing entities, expats and businesses offering services in the field of tourism, especially accommodation providers and public transport companies.

TIC BRNO contact information

TIC Brno | Radnická 2–10 | 658 78 Brno


TIC BRNO, příspěvková organizace
Radnická 365/2
602 00  Brno

+420 542 427 111