Mint Master’s Cellar

The Mint Master’s Cellar (in Czech: Mincmistrovský sklep or Sklepení domu mincmistrů) refers to historical basements discovered during the survey of the Brno underground in 1999. In 2007 the basement that was formerly located underneath the townhouse owned by mint master Bruno and, later, burgher Mikuláš od Věže, was opened to the public. Three years later renovated cellars of the New City Hall were connected to it.

Mint Master’s Cellar

The result is a unique network of cellars where, in 2010, exhibitions and installations were introduced within the project “Zpřístupnění brněnského podzemí”. The exhibition serves as a reminder of coin minting, a nearly forgotten craft which used to be very important in medieval Brno and Moravia.

Furthermore, it is also a lesson in the historical development of this site from medieval times to present day. The development of Rybný trh (Forum piscium, “fish market”), i.e. the present day Dominikánské náměstí, is explained, as is the existence and eventual demise of the Gothic Royal chapel which was located at the bottom of the square even in the early 20th century. Since the underground network is partly located underneath the present-day New City Hall (i.e. the seat of the modern metropolitan city’s administration), the exhibition is also used for audiovisual presentations of the history and present of the statutory city of Brno.

A skilled mint master will show you how coins were minted and he will also tell you secrets of one of the most respected medieval guilds.

Mint Master’s Cellar
Mint Master’s Cellar
Mint Master’s Cellar
Mint Master’s Cellar
Mint Master’s Cellar
Mint Master’s Cellar
Mint Master’s Cellar
Mint Master’s Cellar

Mint Master’s Cellar – contact

Mint Master’s Cellar

Dominikánské nám. 1
658 78 Brno

ENTRANCE at Panenská street

Opening hours 
Friday – Monday: 9:30 – 18:00
Last entry 17:15

Admission fees:

FullCZK 100
Students, seniorsCZK 50
Children under 15CZK 50
Children under 6free
Family package 2+2CZK 220
- plus any child under 15CZK 40
Senior pas10% discount
Family pass5% discount
Groups (at least 20 people)10% discount
VideorecordingCZK 50
Press admission (upon presentation of press identification)free

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Ticket office and bookings:

+420 602 128 124

Extraordinary tours and visits
The full admission fee (CZK 80) plus 40% surcharge applies to extraordinary tours in the Mint Master’s Cellar (i.e. outside the scheduled opening hours). Groups applying for an extraordinary tour must have at least 10 members.

Mgr. Zuzana Schmidtová
+420 542 427 145
+420 602 128 120