• Labyrinth underneath Vegetable Market Labyrinth underneath Vegetable Market

    April 2011 marked the grand opening of a large maze of underground tunnels, corridors and rooms, known as the “Labyrinth underneath Zelný trh”. Visitors can look forward to mysterious nooks and crannies of medieval cellars.

  • Ossuary underneath the Church of St. James Ossuary underneath the Church of St. James

    In 2012 the ossuary underneath the Church of St. James was opened to public, more than 10 years after this unique place was discovered during the survey of the Brno underground in 2001.

  • Mint Master’s Cellar Mint Master’s Cellar

    The Mint Master’s Cellar (in Czech: Mincmistrovský sklep or Sklepení domu mincmistrů) refers to historical basements discovered during the survey of the Brno underground in 1999.

  • Old City Hall Old City Hall

    There are numerous old myths and legends associated with the Old City Hall. One of them tells the story of the author of the Gothic portal, sculptor and architect Anton Pilgram. The legends of the Brno dragon and wheel are most notorious.

  • Information Centres Information Centres

    Having arrived in Brno, you should first head to the tourist and information centre at Radnická street for all the information you may need about the City of Brno.

  • Brno Minibus Sightseeing Tour Brno Minibus Sightseeing Tour
    14. 4. – 29. 10. 2017 | During the minibus tour, the tourists will be accompanied by a guide.

TIC Brno

TIC Brno provides and offers activities related to tourism in the City of Brno. It operates several information centers; it offers professional tour guide services. It also takes care of landmarks, the Old City Hall and its tower, the Mint Master’s Cellar, the labyrinth underneath the Vegetable Market and the ossuary in the St. James Church. It also organizes one of the most important city-wide events, the Brno Christmas.



Brno Minibus Sightseeing Tour

During the minibus tour, the tourists will be accompanied by a guide. For foreign visitors, we have prepared audioguides with recordings in English and German. The minibus tour has added value for the tourists in that they get close to the sights and attractions of Brno which are outside the city centre and are not within walking distance.

14. 4. 2017 to 29. 10. 2017
city centre
Mimi Fortunae: Spring REFRESH*

Wake up the dancer in you from hibernation. Get your body moving and REFRESH your soul with the Dance Studio MIMI FORTUNAE.

26. 4. 2017
19:00 to 21:00
Sál B. Bakaly
Grand Prix České republiky: 4 – 6 August 2017

Tickets for Grand Prix České republiky 2017 are ready for you just now! Tickets not only for banked areas or all seated grandstands are available from 1st December.

4. 8. 2017 to 6. 8. 2017
Automotodrom Brno


The Brno Architecture Manual (BAM) is available as a freely accessible database, trail markings, printed maps and guides providing those interested in architecture with detailed information about Brno development dating from 1918-1945...

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